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You wake up early in the morning, the sun is shining outside the window and there is snow. You put on warm slippers, you go to wash and you feel a pleasant smell coming from the kitchen. Mom got up before everyone else to fry pancakes for the whole family and make tea. This means one thing – Maslenitsa has come.

Remember, mom’s pancakes were always the most delicious. They turned out soft, ruddy and moderately dense. But how? In this article, we, along with Kukmara, will give you four practical tips to help you get closer to mom’s craftsmanship.

Pay attention to the test

There are a lot of recipes for pancakes – for lush or thin, for sweet and salty, but they all have a common ingredient – flour. Do not be lazy to sift it: this will not only get rid of lumps and impurities, but also saturate the flour with oxygen – the dough will become lighter with it.

All pancake ingredients must be fresh. In addition, eggs and milk should be removed from the refrigerator in advance so that they warm up to room temperature. Then the dough will knead better.

Beat yolks and whites separately. Proteins, brought to a lush foam, add at the very end – thanks to this, the dough will become lacy. Introduce the flour gradually, constantly stirring the mass. But this should be done after you thoroughly mix the liquid ingredients.

And the main thing is to add a pinch of salt to the dough, even if you are going to bake dessert pancakes. It will give the dish an interesting and rich taste. Another important touch is a little sunflower oil right in the mass – with it, pancakes will stick less to the pan.

It is not difficult to understand that the mass has acquired the correct consistency. A good freshly kneaded dough will have small bubbles on the surface. Over time, they disappear.

Fry only in a good pan

The choice of dishes is very important, since the outcome of a culinary experiment depends on the pan: either your friends will start asking for the recipe for your pancakes, or next time they will come to visit with their own.

For frying pancakes, it is better to take dishes with a thick bottom and low sides. For example, a special cast aluminum pan from Kukmara. It is equipped with an Ultra granit non-stick coating, which is reinforced with a new generation of superhard materials, close in hardness to diamond. With her, all your witchcraft over the test will not be in vain – the pancakes will turn out perfect.

What kind of dishes you choose will depend on what you grease it with when frying. Usually use vegetable, butter or ghee. But lovers of hearty pancakes sometimes bake them in lard or any other animal fat.

But if you’re on a diet or just keeping a close eye on your diet, you have an alternative – with a good non-stick pan, greasing the bottom is not necessary. The pancakes will not stick to the surface in any way.

Pour the right amount of dough

The thickness and taste of pancakes will depend on how much dough you pour. The capacity of the ladle per eye must be commensurate with the size of the pan and find their ideal ratio. For example, for a medium-sized dish, like a Kukmara pancake pan, one standard ladle of dough will be enough.

The most common and, in our opinion, convenient ways to pour dough:

  • start from the middle of the dishes and evenly distribute the mass in a circular motion of the pan;
  • start with one of the raised sides, and then gradually move the ladle over the rest of the surface.

The main thing in this matter is accuracy and a preheated pan. The hotter the pan, the better and more evenly the pancake will fry. It’s a paradox, but if you pour the dough into a cold pan, the pancake will turn out to be burnt. But remember – a non-stick pan should not be overheated without contents. Otherwise, you risk ruining its coverage. From prolonged exposure to high temperatures on empty dishes, food will begin to stick to the pan.

Know when to flip a pancake

Frying pancakes is a jewelry business, here it is important to catch the moment when they are already baked, but not overdried. The condition that signals this is a homogeneous, bubbly, slightly golden surface without the remains of batter.

Before flipping the pancake, run a spatula along its edges, peeling their surface from the pan. It will not be difficult if the dishes are of high quality.

Important: for these purposes, it is better to use a thin silicone or wooden spatula. Firstly, it will be more convenient to flip the pancakes. And secondly, metal utensils can damage the coating of the pan.

You will definitely be able to fry pancakes like mom’s or even better with Kukmara brand cookware. The company’s assortment includes more than 800 types of dishes and devices for the kitchen. You can choose cookware with different types of coatings: uncoated aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron, as well as goods for tourism and recreation. Kukmara specialists regularly monitor the cookware market and, thanks to this, they always keep up with the times.

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