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Gadgets for sex have always been treated differently: someone considers them only a device for satisfaction, for others it is an important component of a healthy intimate life. What is happening with intimate goods today, how they are related to self-care and why openly discuss sexual topics in society – we will tell you all this together with the Vagiton System.

How intimate goods were perceived before

If you look deep enough – into the Stone Age, then we can assume that the topic of sex and pleasure was not taboo. This is evidenced, for example, by a find in the form of a dildo.

In the time of Cleopatra, there were also no problems with intimate devices. The queen herself used a large number of toys. In addition, in ancient Greece, phalluses were exported and people made good money thanks to this.

But the further the development of civilization went, the more taboo this topic became. Around the 16th century, the patriarchal community decided that having sex with a woman was only necessary so that she would give birth to children. Of course, there could be no talk of any pleasure from the process.

And in the 19th century, for the first time, they began to treat a disease invented by doctors called “female hysteria”. Women’s mood swings and rebelliousness were cured by pelvic floor massage with sex toys.

The doctor helps a woman cope with the “disease”

The first sex shops appeared in Germany in 1962. In Russia, this happened much later – in 1992. In the post-Soviet space, this seemed something unthinkable. Parents did not tell their children about the structure of their bodies, but the question: “Where do children come from?” overgrown with new tales from storks to cabbages.

Not surprisingly, the lack of sex education has played a role in the negative attitude towards intimate goods and the topic of sex in general. Even those people who were married for a long time were afraid to talk to each other about their desires. They did not discuss feelings, they were embarrassed to offer something new, so they looked for simpler ways to satisfy their needs. Sex devices helped the most daring in this.

What is happening with intimate goods now

Modern society is moving away from expecting only physical satisfaction from devices. Gradually, their use becomes the norm and no longer seems something shameful or unnecessary for most people.

Now intimate goods can be found not only in sex shops, but also in large cosmetics chain stores. For example, they are sold in L’Etoile and the Golden Apple. And Ann Summers lingerie boutiques have a section with vibrators.

It is no coincidence that such products are presented in the sexual wellness category. People began to pay more attention to their intimate health, which is becoming an integral part of a healthy lifestyle in general.

Why sexual evolution began

People’s idea of ​​their own body, health and pleasure has evolved along with science, popular trends and social life. Here are some of the factors that have influenced the sexual evolution of the world.

The popularity of the concept of sexual wellness

More and more people began to think about intimate health as an important component of overall health. This is how the direction of sexual wellness appeared, which literally translates as “sexual well-being”.

Usually the wellness industry is associated with SPAs, fitness centers, yoga retreats. But a conscious attitude to one’s health, the desire to live long and at the same time feel good could not bypass the intimate sphere.

Sexual wellness includes several aspects. This is the desire to enjoy sex, and the ability to speak openly about your needs, and care for intimate health – V-care. Moreover, the latter involves not only the delivery of tests or examination by a specialist. The concept also includes questions about the structure of the female genital organs, proper care, ways to have fun.

Many of these tasks are well handled by vaginal balls. For example, Vagiton BALL helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor – MTD. The ball must be held and moved inside the vagina. For this, MTD is actively involved. Due to the optimal weight of the simulator, such exercises help restore muscle tone, increase sensitivity and prevent organ prolapse.

In addition, the soft touch silicone cover turns the vaginal ball into a beautiful accessory. Thanks to this, the simulator is convenient and pleasant to take with you.

Social influence

In many ways, the taboo on intimate topics has subsided thanks to sex enlightenment. Not all schools have sex education lessons yet, and their programs themselves are far from perfect. However, sex education for adults is becoming more and more accessible.

In particular, this was influenced by the media and opinion leaders. For example, Actress Gwyneth Paltrow brought into vogue yoni steaming – steam baths for the vagina. Sex educator, blogger and feminist Evian Whitney openly promotes female pleasure and conscious masturbation.

In contrast to the training on the techniques of seducing men, projects have appeared where women are taught to enjoy, and not just deliver it. For example, on the OMGYES platform, they talk about different masturbation techniques. And Cult Beauty magazine launched a women’s health page.

Development of science

The direction of sexual wellness has also spread due to scientific research, which began to study intimate health issues more deeply. One of these was published in the medical journal PubMed. The study found that about 73% of women stimulate the clitoris to achieve or enhance orgasm, and only 18% need only intercourse.

Patient magazine has an article on the health benefits of sex toys. For example, they can be used to cope with menopausal symptoms or low libido. General practitioner Stephanie de Giorgio also says that the use of intimate products improves sleep, boosts immunity and reduces stress.

The influence of the pelvic floor muscles on the sexual life of women was studied by American scientists. They found that respondents with strong intimate muscles had sex more often than those with weak muscles. What’s more, the first group had less trouble getting orgasms. Kegel exercises, known from TV shows, by the way, directly affect successful recovery after childbirth and help mothers cope with subsequent incontinence.

You can pump MTD with the help of the so-called Kegel simulators. For example, start training with Vagiton LASER – it helps to develop the basic skill of muscle retraction. Kegel exercises generally normalize the menstrual cycle, relieve incontinence and help recover from childbirth. With a laser trainer, it’s easy to track your results. It is made in the form of a long rod, at the end of which there is a ball, and on the reverse side there is a laser. When you retract the pelvic floor muscles, the rod deflects and the laser goes down. The lower his beam is on the wall in front of you, the deeper you draw in the MTDs while training them.

There are also advanced level trainers. Among these are UpLife Expander. This is a vaginal expander that helps to train the strength and narrowness of muscle contraction. To work with the simulator, you need to install the application. Imagine an ordinary expander – the principle is the same. Only you choose the level of rigidity, squeeze the expander with the muscles of the pelvic floor and get a visual report about the training on the smartphone screen.

With the help of Kegel exercises, you can better understand your body and learn how to control the muscles of the pelvic floor. You and your man will definitely notice progress. You can read more about women’s intimate health in the telegram channel of the Vagiton System.

Before you start training your pelvic floor muscles with a vaginal trainer, you should consult a gynecologist. The Wagiton System book also presents bodywork exercises and describes a step-by-step methodology based on female anatomy. It will make it even easier to start a conscious relationship with your intimate health.

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