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Head massage helps to relax and relieve tension. Plus, it’s easy to do on your own. We will talk about how to properly massage the head and how it is useful.

Benefits of head massage

Head massage helps to relax and get pleasant sensations. But its advantage is not only in this.

According to a study conducted in Spain in 2020, head massage helps to stay in a good mood and relieve stress. Moreover, both finger massage and special devices are useful.

It can also relieve headaches and improve blood circulation.

It is also used in neurological diseases. Head massage may improve sleep and reduce anxiety in people with Parkinson’s, according to a 2020 study in Greece.

Does scalp massage speed up hair growth?

A 2016 study by Japanese doctor Taro Koyama found that head massage can actually boost hair growth.

The experiment involved 24 men who do not suffer from the problem of hair loss or diseases contributing to this. For 24 weeks, they were given a four-minute massage session with a special massage device.

Scientists assessed the total number of hairs, their thickness and growth rate. It turned out that at the end of the experiment, the thickness of the hair of the participants increased, as did their growth rate.

Another study conducted by American scientists in 2019 showed similar results. In it, the participants were asked to learn how to massage the head in order to perform it on their own by watching a special video. Head massage was supposed to take at least 20 minutes a day, and the duration of daily sessions was 10 months.

All participants recorded any changes: in diet, medication, hairstyle, lifestyle. This was necessary in order to obtain the most accurate data.

Scientists have concluded that head massage can be effective for new hair growth in case of hair loss, but only if it is performed daily and for a long time. In people without hair loss problems, it was also effective in improving their rate of hair growth.

Thus, both studies confirmed that scalp massage can improve the condition of the hair and help it grow faster.

How to do a head massage

One of the benefits of a head massage is that you don’t have to go to a salon to get this treatment. You can make it yourself, if you know what movements and how to make.

Wash your hands thoroughly before massaging. This way you can avoid getting your hair dirty. Next, you need to comb well, otherwise it can be problematic to do it after the massage. In addition, tangled strands can interfere with the execution of the correct movements.

Sit comfortably, leaning on the back of a chair or armchair. You should not be distracted or constrained in your movements. Relaxing music will be a good addition to the head massage.

If you want to use an oil, choose one that is good for your hair. So you combine both the pleasure of massage and the care procedure. Coconut, argan, jojoba, or whatever you like will work. It will take a little to not make the hair greasy. Lightly heat the oil by holding it in your hand.

It is important to massage slowly and smoothly. Begin to move from the forehead and head towards the crown and neck. Your fingers should slide through the hair in a straight line. Lightly press them on the scalp, but keep in mind that there should be no discomfort. And if you have moles or pimples on your head, gently bypass them.

Next, perform circular motions with your fingers all over your head. It is best to do this in the same direction from the forehead to the neck. And then make the same movements from the back of the head towards the forehead.

Now it’s time to pay attention to the sides of the head. Repeat both the straight and circular motions described above, moving your fingers from the temples over the area around the ears and up to the shoulder.

After you have performed such point movements with your fingers, proceed to massage with your palms. Bend your fingers to form an “s” and place your hands on the sides of your head. The thumbs should be slightly above the ears. Move your hands from the forehead to the back of the head and vice versa, pressing them firmly against the scalp. You can feel that it moves back and forth a little, and rightly so.

Before finishing the head massage, you can take some time for your ears. We talked about how to give their massage and why you should try it in this article.

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