Florent Pagny: his Inca son publishes photos of him, the resemblance is striking!


Currently on vacation in Chile, the eldest son of Florent Pagny, Inca, shared photos of him on his Instagram account. The opportunity to discover the striking resemblance between father and son.

Father and son

Currently vacationing in Futaleufú, Chile, with his girlfriend, Inca Pagny, Florent Pagny’s 26-year-old eldest son shared photos of himself on his Instagram account. Several shots on which the young man poses all smiles, in a bathing suit near a stream.

Photos that delighted Internet users, many of whom noted the resemblance between the young man and his father! “Ohhhhh how much you look like your daddy. Enjoy life with that beautiful smile! », “You look a lot like your dad”, “The same smile as his dad”, “A pretty smile that reminds us of Florent”, “Same smile as his father”, “How that smile reminds me of someone”can we read in particular.


As a reminder, Florent Pagny is the father of two children, his son Inca, born in 1996, and his daughter Ael, born in 1999, the fruit of his love with his wife Azucena Caamaño. Her two children have Instagram accounts on which they share their lives, their daily lives and their professional experience. If the singer’s daughter is passionate about photography, the son is keen on street art. Two artistic souls like their father who announced at the end of 2022 that he would be back on stage this summer for a series of festivals, lung cancer being far behind him.

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