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Many people dream of visiting Paris or Rome. But the most sophisticated tourists are always looking for unusual routes. And even they may not be aware of the existence of some countries. In the material we talk about states that are difficult to find on the map and in guidebooks.

1. Gambia

This republic is considered the smallest and poorest state in Africa. The Gambia is located in the western part of the continent and covers an area of ​​only 10.3 square kilometers. For a long time, the Gambia remained colonized by Great Britain, however, in 1963, the country nevertheless received self-government, which it had dreamed of for so long.

Despite the fact that today the Gambia is quite far removed from the global information space, experienced tourists still sometimes get to these lands. They are especially attracted by the local color, complemented by the unique nature and ocean beaches.

2. Vanuatu

The small island nation of Vanuatu is often referred to as the pristine paradise of Oceania. The country occupies 83 islands, two-thirds of which are inhabited by local residents. At the same time, all the islands have volcanic rock, so you can find underground caves, active volcanoes, pristine beaches, and waterfalls in Vanuatu.

The main feature of Vanuatu is that in this country you can get citizenship if you make an investment in a state fund. At the same time, in order to become a citizen of Vanuatu, it is not at all necessary to know the history and even the language of this state.

3. Djibouti

The mysterious country is located in northeast Africa between Ethiopia and Somalia. The locals are Afars and Isses. They speak Arabic and French and try to keep their traditional way of life.

The peculiarity of this little-known state is that there are no rivers on the territory of Djibouti. In the mountainous areas, only occasionally olive trees and juniper thickets are found, and from animals only monkeys and antelopes can be found.

By the way, Arabic and Indian cuisines had a great influence on the formation of the traditional cuisine of Djibouti. Therefore, dishes in this country are richly seasoned with various spices, and after eating the room is fumigated with incense or incense.

4. Dominica

This island state became known thanks to Christopher Columbus – he arrived in Dominica in 1493. Until 1978, Dominica depended on Great Britain – first it was its colony, and then a protectorate.

Most of the inhabitants of Dominica are engaged in agriculture and fishing. Coastal sea waters are rich in crabs, various fish and turtles. And in the national park and forests you can meet iguanas, bats, boas and about 60 species of birds.

Despite the fact that English is considered the official language in Dominica, local residents often use Creole, derived from French, in everyday life.

5. Suriname

This small country is located in South America. For many years it was a colony of the Netherlands. In the forests, which occupy 90% of the entire territory of Suriname, unexplored animal species live, and turtles from all over the Caribbean stop on the coast.

One of the features of Suriname is that its inhabitants speak 16 languages ​​and dialects. Despite the fact that Dutch is considered the state language, there is also Surinamese – it includes 240 words and looks like a distorted version of English.

6. Gabon

Little known to residents of other countries, Gabon is located in the western part of Central Africa. Gabon’s neighbors are Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo. On the western side, the state is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Gabon gained independence from France in 1960 after being colonized for many years. Since the influence of the French on the country was quite large, French is still the state language in Gabon.

Despite the fact that few people know about the existence of Gabon, this state is recognized as an industrial one. And the main resource of Gabon is oil – about 18 million tons of this mineral are mined there every year.

7. Kiribati

This is the name of the only country whose capital is located on several islands at once. Kiribati is in the equatorial Pacific Ocean and occupies a little more than 812 square kilometers.

Kiribati gained independence from Great Britain only in 1979. In those years, the country was considered quite rich, since phosphates were mined on its territory. However, over time, resources were depleted and the country began to slide into poverty.

By the way, one of the main features of Kiribati is that the inhabitants of this country are the first to meet the new day. And the time difference with the nearest countries is 25 hours.

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