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There is little doubt that fashion is cyclical. Every year there are more and more designers who are not only inspired by vintage trends, but also create new images based on them. About what fashion trends from the past are again relevant this spring, we tell in the material.

1. Satin skirts

In 2023, femininity and elegance are in fashion. This is confirmed by the fact that almost all famous designers presented clothes from satin in their spring-summer 2023 collections. Including midi length skirts.

Skirts made of light and flowing fabric were worn in ancient China. But models similar to modern ones began to be produced only in the 90s of the last century. As then, today they are recommended to be worn in one look with a voluminous top. It can be either an oversized jacket or an accent blouse in a complimentary color.

2. Leather suits

Natural and eco-leather remain the most popular materials for more than a season. But if earlier only one leather item was worn in one image, now stylists advise taking a closer look at full-fledged suits. Ideally, if it is made in the spirit of the 80s: with elongated trousers, expanding towards the bottom, and a jacket or jacket with a zipper.

If you want to create a look in vintage style, give preference to patent leather suits. Both basic black and brown colors are in fashion, as well as brighter ones – lemon, pink or green.

3. Knitted top with long sleeves

One of the most outspoken trends of the 2000s is back this spring. Cropped knitted tops, reminiscent of a bolero, are especially relevant. You can wear this thing in combination with a sports top or with a T-shirt with thin straps.

To create an outfit in the spirit of the 2000s, also use cargo pants. Ideal for black and khaki models. As accessories, wear large headphones and massive rings.

4. Lace clothes

Another absolute trend this spring is lace. Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab, and other brands that set fashion trends demonstrated translucent lace clothes on the catwalks. Nostalgia for the beginning of the 2000s also influenced the fact that not only classic white, but also bright lace is in trend.

If you prefer a classic style of clothing, choose bright lace capes that can be worn over a satin dress or a black tank top. To create a more spectacular look, use lace trouser suits or translucent elongated dresses.

5. Sports glasses

Another reference to the trends of the past is sports-fitting glasses. They combine the features of zero futurism and sporty chic, which has remained relevant for several seasons in a row.

Especially this spring, sunglasses with a massive plastic frame are relevant. It can be either bright – yellow, green and even red, or more classic black or gray. We recommend wearing such glasses in an image with collected or braided hair.

6. Denim miniskirts

This item was an integral part of a stylish wardrobe in the early 2000s. And although the denim miniskirt was replaced for some time by models made of eco-leather and tweed, this spring it is again at the peak of popularity. Tennis denim skirts and models decorated with lacing are especially relevant.

We recommend wearing a denim miniskirt in one look with other things in a vintage style. It can be either a massive leather jacket, or a knitted vest or a voluminous sweater with inscriptions. Leggings will help to complete the stylish look. For information on how to wear this accessory, read here.

7. Fishnet tights

Another accessory that was definitely in the wardrobe of your mother and grandmother is again relevant this season. Fishnet tights are perfect for creating a feminine evening look. It is recommended to wear them either with satin slip dresses or mini-skirts made of dense materials.

By the way, not only black, but also colored fishnet tights are in trend. Including whites. Their stylists recommend wearing them with leather and rough clothes, so as not to evoke associations with school aesthetics.

8. Boot cut jeans

Bootcut jeans are flared from the knee. They got such a name due to the fact that they do not need to be tucked into boots. Bootcuts used to be worn only by cowboys and American workers, but this year they have become very popular among street style stars.

Bootcuts from other fabrics are no less relevant this spring. For example, thick linen or velvet. Stylists recommend combining them in one look with cropped knitted sweaters or elongated jackets in a classic style.

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