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People tend to listen to other people’s opinions – this is due to the fact that we live in society. But it happens that such a habit develops into an inability to think and make decisions on your own. To avoid this, it is important to develop independent thinking. How to do this, we tell in the material.

Why is it important to be able to think independently?

Critical thinking is at the core of independent thinking. It helps to analyze information and events without prejudice, and also requires significant mental effort. This allows you to develop intellectually and as a person, getting rid of the patterns and labels imposed by society.

It is very difficult to influence a person who thinks independently, as he is based on his own conclusions and judgments. But at the same time, he knows how to take into account someone else’s point of view and consider it as food for thought, and not as instructions for action.

Independent thinking makes a person far-sighted, teaches you to reevaluate your own experience, cope with life changes and find the right solutions. It also helps to develop and maintain self-confidence, because in order to think independently, you often have to resist the opinions of others.

How to develop independent thinking

There are several methods to help develop this type of thinking.

1. Define your biases

Prejudices can also be called labels and patterns that a person uses to interact with the outside world. They appear as a result of experience or social impact. Not always stereotypes and labels are negative, but even their positive types are harmful to those to whom they are directed, and to those whose thinking is subject to them.

For example, a person may consider all blondes stupid, the job of a manager requires no skills and effort, and all Italians are obviously good cooks. And when he meets people who fit his stereotypes, or who love what he doesn’t like, he judges them with prejudice. This can cause negative emotions and also lead to disappointment if it turns out that the person’s judgment was wrong.

It is important to get rid of such prejudices in order to think independently. To do this, you need to abandon instant withdrawals. For example, talking to a person for a longer time before talking about his personal qualities, or trying to delve into the information in order to learn about something better and form an opinion supported by arguments.

2. Be open to new experiences

It is impossible to develop by constantly thinking about the same things. The brain needs new information and experiences. Therefore, you should try to find new experiences more often: read books in new genres, try new activities and hobbies, visit different places. And also communicate with people who have a different way of thinking and worldview from yours.

3. Ask “why” more often?

Instead of accepting that things are the way they are, ask yourself “why” more often? And then try to find out more information to answer it. This will help not only to develop independent thinking, but also to become a more intelligent person in general.

4. Find creative solutions to a problem

To develop independent thinking, you need to use a more creative approach to problem solving. Try to come up with non-standard and unusual strategies in order to get out of the intended situation. Even if the ways to solve it seem strange and ridiculous, don’t dismiss them right away – the skills you show in order to see them are important for developing independent thinking.

5. Practice Mindfulness

It is impossible to notice important details if you are constantly distracted. And they are necessary in order to analyze and better understand the essence of things that you think about.

Try to actively listen to the interlocutor and notice the small details of the conversation. When looking for information, stay focused and do not get distracted by extraneous things. And also try, doing any business, to think only about it.

6. Develop patience

People often go along with those around them because they don’t want to be patient. After all, it is much easier to agree with the majority than to try to form an independent opinion – this requires a lot of effort and time. So if you want to learn to think for yourself, develop patience. We talked about how to do this here.

7. Be prepared to be wrong

A person may refuse to think independently for fear of making mistakes. After all, thinking on his own, he, and not those around him, is responsible for the failure. Therefore, when developing independent thinking, you should be prepared for mistakes and perceive them as a lesson, not a failure.

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