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Compared to dogs, cats are considered independent and less loyal to their owners. But this opinion is not always true. In the material, we have collected seven breeds of cats that are distinguished by friendliness, affectionate character and affection for people.

1. Abyssinian

This breed of cats has been known since ancient Egypt. Abyssinian cats are active and curious. They are smart and love to be the center of attention. They enjoy spending time with their owners and playing. These cats can perform some tricks and commands if they are trained to do so.

Abyssinians do not like being alone. If you are often away from home, it is worth considering having several pets. By the way, Abyssinians get along well with dogs and other breeds of cats.

2. Chartreuse

These cats do not need constant attention from the owner. But they still prefer to be close to him. For example, curl up on the couch while he watches TV, or carefully watch how dinner is being prepared in the kitchen.

Chartreuse get along well with children, as well as pets that live with them under the same roof. They are quiet and calm, not against playing with the owners, if they are in the right mood. But at the same time they always find something to do and entertainment, if no one is nearby. They are comfortable both alone and in the company of those to whom they are devoted.

3. Persian

This fluffy cat breed captivates not only with its cute appearance, but also with its character. They are calm, affectionate and friendly. Persian cats do not like to be left alone for a long time and prefer to spend time with the owner.

You can play with them, but more often they are just next to a person. In general, this breed can be called a little lazy and observant. They get along well in the same house with dogs and other pets.

4. Ragdoll

This cat breed is suitable for those who like to hug pets and surround them with attention. Ragdolls are very attached to their owners and spend a lot of time with them. They are calm and moderately playful, they are vulnerable and do not like it when they raise their voice.

Ragdolls are very sad when they do not see their owners for a long time and can become depressed because of this. They easily endure travel and walks with those to whom they are attached. To other animals in the house, this type of cat is friendly, even to fish and birds.

5. Burmese

Burmese cats are very smart and inquisitive. They will be interested in everything that happens around. They are very loyal to their owners, love to play and get attention from them.

This breed has a calm and meek disposition. But it can be jealous of the owner for other pets when he pays more attention to them. But if love is distributed equally, Burmese cats are friendly to other pets.

This breed is suitable for families with children. Burmese cats will be happy to play with the child and will calmly respond to his desire to stroke or hug them.

But at the same time, Burmese cats are not without independence. They are unlikely to be where they do not want to be. They do not mind leaving the premises where they live to take a walk, but they always return home. Long separation, despite the attachment to the owner, this breed of cats endures calmly.

6. Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds. These cats are attached to their owners, but retain some degree of independence. They like to be around people and watch what they do. And Maine Coons love to sit on their owners’ laps.

They are affectionate and calm, which helps them get along well with children, dogs, or other pets. These cats love attention, and can easily go for a walk and travel with the owner.

7. Exotic Shorthair

This cat breed is known for its friendliness and calmness. They like to spend time with both adult owners and their children. They are patient with long games and tight hugs.

Exotic shorthairs are intelligent and curious. You should be prepared for the fact that the cat will look into all corners of the apartment, as well as the packages that you brought from the store. At the same time, she is unlikely to spoil furniture or interior items with proper education.

If the owners are not at home for a long time, these cats are very sad. They don’t like being alone. Exotic Shorthairs are leery of new people and pets, but eventually become accustomed to and friendly.

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