“The idea of ​​​​having destroyed the life of this family devastates him”: the sister of Pierre Palmade speaks for the first time


In a statement reported by The Parisian this Tuesday, February 14, 2023, Pierre Palmade’s sister spoke for the first time following the car accident caused by her brother and which destroyed a family.

terrible accident

This Friday, February 10, 2023 around 7 p.m., a terrible car accident occurred on the RD372 in Villiers-en-Bière, in Seine-et-Marne. Pierre Palmade lost control of his car and collided with another vehicle in which were a 27-year-old pregnant woman, her brother and her six-year-old nephew.

If all the victims were transported to the hospital, toxicological analyzes were carried out on the comedian by the investigators. And it turns out that Pierre Palmade was positive for cocaine and substitution drugs during the accident. An investigation has therefore been opened and is currently underway.

If the actor is better and has since been released from intensive care, the young woman six and a half months pregnant has lost her baby, her brother is still in critical condition, and her nephew is still in a coma…

” He’s ashamed “

In a statement reported by The Parisian this Tuesday, February 14, 2023, the sister of Pierre Palmade, who was able to visit her brother in the hospital, spoke for the first time on the terrible tragedy.

“I was able to see my brother in the hospital” she declared before specifying that Pierre Palmade “waking up slowly” and that he “realize the horror of what happened, of what it caused. He is devastated, he is ashamed”.

“The idea of ​​having destroyed the life of this family devastates him” she added before detailing: “He prays, and we with him, that (the victims) come out of this with the least possible after-effects. He prays. He really prays. He only thinks of them. He will assume all the consequences of his actions with the terrible awareness that he will never be able to repair the harm he has done. As vain as it may seem, Peter asks their forgiveness from the depths of his soul..

Excuses difficult to hear for the victims who demand justice.

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