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There are quite a few reasons why the difference in proportions on the left and right sides of the face may increase over time. For example, sometimes visually noticeable differences between the halves of the face appear due to the peculiarities of facial expressions. In this case, one speaks of dynamic asymmetry. It develops if a person often strains the same muscles asymmetrically. This habit affects the condition of soft tissues, as well as the features of wrinkle formation.

In the material we talk in more detail about why the face can become asymmetrical and how to avoid it.

The habit of carrying a bag on one shoulder

If you constantly carry a heavy bag or backpack on one shoulder, the likelihood that over the years your face will become noticeably asymmetrical is quite high. The fact is that a bag on one shoulder creates a muscular imbalance. And our face and neck take on an attempt to somehow compensate for it.

In order to avoid such problems, choose comfortable backpacks with wide straps and wear them as expected – on both shoulders. If you prefer bags, try to alternate your shoulders. For example, wear a bag on your left shoulder for one month, and on your right for the next month.

Frequent use of technology

Despite the fact that it is already difficult for us to imagine life without smartphones and laptops, technology can negatively affect our health and appearance. In most cases, when we look at a computer monitor or phone screen, our head is in the wrong position for a long time. When we constantly tilt and lower our head, the entire upper body is in some imbalance.

If you want to keep the skin of your face and neck beautiful and toned for a long time, as well as avoid obvious asymmetry, try to always keep your smartphone at eye level and spend as little time as possible in an uncomfortable position. Also, do not work on a laptop while lying down or holding it on your knees and below eye level.

The habit of cross-legging

Many women prefer to sit in this position. However, constantly throwing a leg over the leg, we deprive the body of the opportunity to function normally. For example, because of this habit, the risk of blood clots increases.

In addition, in this position, the balance in the pelvis is shifted, which must be compensated. And this task is taken over by our head. But as she tries to balance, some facial muscles tighten more than others, and this leads to the development of a noticeable asymmetry.

Breaking the habit of sitting cross-legged is not easy. Several reasons why this should be done as soon as possible have been collected in the material.

The habit of propping up the face with the hand

This habit, harmful to beauty and health, often appears in school years. But if you prop up your face with your hand all the time, you may encounter a number of problems. Including skin rashes, problems with the jaw and facial asymmetry.

If you notice that you often prop your face with your hand, try to get rid of this habit. Or at least change sides and do exercises more often during the day.

Absence of teeth

Loss of teeth also leads to jaw deformity and external changes. And even if the absence of one or more teeth may not be noticeable at first glance, this affects the health of the oral cavity and the body as a whole.

The bone tissue that surrounds the tooth requires constant load. And if she does not receive it, then she becomes thinner, changing the shape of the jaw and the appearance of a person. In addition, the absence of teeth affects speech and the process of chewing food. The distance between the nose and chin is reduced, and the cheeks look sunken in.

Premature aging

A noticeable asymmetry of the face can also appear due to premature aging, which is caused by malnutrition, an inactive lifestyle, and hormonal disorders.

The asymmetry of the face will be especially noticeable in those who are prone to the deformation-edematous type of aging. As a rule, women who are prone to fullness face it. In addition to the asymmetry of the face, they also have drooping upper eyelids, bags under the eyes and deep nasolabial folds.

To slow down aging and stay beautiful for as long as possible, you need to eat more healthy food and drink enough water every day. It is also important to monitor your mental health and seek medical help in time.

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