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When choosing a way to deal with stress, we intuitively gravitate towards activities that bring pleasure: video games, food, watching TV shows, or sex. The last method is the most ancient and effective: the desire to have sex after experienced stress is the reaction of our body to disturbing situations. When we live through an unpleasant event, the parasympathetic nervous system sends a signal to the brain: friend, we survived, it’s time to think about the offspring. Not surprisingly, in 2022 Russia experienced demand growth for condoms.

But can sex be a source of stress? And how does stress generally affect our sexual preferences and feelings? Together with Pure’s shameless dating, we decided to explore how stress and sex are connected, and we did a study. In this article, we’ll tell you everything we’ve learned.

Who did we ask and about what?

2,466 people took part in our study, among them there were 36.6% of men and 63.4% of women. The average age of the respondents is 30 years. We set ourselves the task of finding interesting relationships between sex and stress factors that exist in people’s lives. We asked questions about personal life and relationships, sexual preferences, work and income level, hobbies and hobbies.

Sex, stress and relationships

Relationships can be another test for the nervous system, but statistics show that their presence has a positive effect on the amount of sex: people in a relationship are more accessible, they do not need to look for a partner and establish the necessary degree of intimacy with him each time. According to our study, 47.2% of people in relationships have sex several times a week. Among singles, this figure was only 20.1%.

We did not discover America, but once again we were convinced that regular sexual intercourse better helps to distract from experiences. The more often people have sex, the less stress it brings them. And here the presence or absence of a permanent partner does not matter. Stress during sex is experienced by only 5% of respondents who make love more than once a week. Among those who have sex less than a few times a month, this figure was 15%. People who are not in a relationship, but regularly having sex, are also less stressed: only 6% of those surveyed make love cause psychological discomfort.

Hiring less orgasms

Work is the main generator of stress in the life of every adult. It also affects our sex life. We found that people who are employed are much more stressed during sex than people who own their own business. The difference in indicators is significant: it turned out that in the life of employees there is more stress and less quality sex.

According to the survey, 11.7% of office workers cannot relax and are stressed in bed, while among entrepreneurs this percentage is 9.8%. At the same time, entrepreneurs who do not need to go to the office every day are even less nervous during sex – 7.4%.

Business owners have sex more often than employees and have more regular orgasms. Among the entrepreneurs surveyed, 44.4% sleep with their partners more than once a week, but only 29% of employees have such an opportunity. Regular orgasms are experienced by 82.7% of entrepreneurs and 75.4% of employees.

Sleep, loans, sports: what else affects stress during sex

An interesting fact that we found is that introverts are more prone to stress, and they are more nervous in bed. 18.2% of introverts surveyed experience stress during sex, while among extroverts this figure is much lower – only 6%.

Sleep problems are expected to affect the quality of sex: 15.6% of respondents who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders cannot relax during sex and face other stress factors.

Mortgages also have an impact on stress and sex life, but not in the way we expected: the stress level for people with a mortgage was slightly lower – 11%. People without mortgages are more likely to be stressed – 13%.

We also found a connection between sex and sports. Sports are known to increase the production of neurotransmitters that have a beneficial effect on our mood and mental state. People who exercise regularly are less likely to experience stress during sex – only 10% complained of emotional problems in bed. At the same time, among those surveyed who do not go in for sports, 15% experience stress during sex.

In addition, the sex life of athletes is more intense: 34.3% of respondents have sex more than once a week and at the same time regularly visit the gym. Those who do not play sports have regular sex only 25% of the time. It is worth drawing conclusions.

Food and masturbation: what replaces sex

In times of stress, sex is not the only way to relieve tension. For 41% of respondents, masturbation is a worthy replacement for sex. And this is a good trend: scientists confirm that masturbation reduces stress levelsimproves mood and sleep. It is still perceived in society as something shameful, dangerous to health and harmful to relationships, but completely in vain.

Another popular way to relax is porn, watched by 44% of respondents. At the same time, the choice of categories does not depend on the mood and level of stress: for the majority, they remain unchanged, even if preferences in sex change.

Participants in the study also noted other interesting alternatives to sex, for example, 8% of respondents are ready to replace intimacy with delicious food or work, and 14.5% with joint leisure with a partner.

Is stress forever?

Stress is an indestructible companion of every person. This is our internal defense mechanism, invented by nature. But all the mechanisms sometimes break down and get out of control. And no matter how thin sex and stress are connected, one important fact must be emphasized: short-term stress increases libido, and chronic stress depresses it.

The main purpose of stress is to ensure our survival in a critical situation, its action is designed for a sprint, not a marathon. Staying in survival mode for a long time is dangerous for the whole organism, and not just for the reproductive system. And in order to maintain your health and an active sex life, it is important to learn how to manage stress: at least provide yourself with proper rest, take care of nutrition and physical activity. Then stress will come and go, filling you with energy and leaving behind pleasant desires.

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