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Often women find it difficult to accept the fact that their appearance changes with age. And if some manage to learn to accept and love themselves, regardless of age, others spend a lot of time and effort to rejuvenate. In the material, we understand how to understand that the desire to look younger than your age prevents you from living a full life.

Most of your wardrobe looks defiant

Often the desire to rejuvenate leads to the fact that a woman adds more revealing things to her wardrobe. It seems that they can make the image more sexy and attractive.

But your desire to wear defiant clothes everywhere, no matter how appropriate it is, is unlikely to be perceived positively by others. To look stylish at any age, you need to wear those things that can emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide minor flaws. And it is not at all necessary that they all be with a deep neckline or decorated with colorful prints.

You are only attracted to younger men

Of course, every woman has the right to choose. Some people like more brutal partners, others prefer experienced ones, and still others prefer young ones. But if you understand that the desire to surround yourself with young men is due to the fact that you want to feel younger, you should reconsider your views on the world.

Firstly, because of a young lover, you may have even more complexes regarding appearance and health. Secondly, it is unlikely that next to him you will be able to completely liberate and relax. Read more about why some women prefer to have affairs with younger men, read in the material.

Are you too preoccupied with beauty treatments?

Various cosmetic procedures and surgeries are becoming more affordable every day. But that doesn’t mean you should try them all. Especially if you have already crossed the 40-year milestone. Despite the fact that mature age is not considered a contraindication for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, the body will need to spend more resources and time to restore strength.

In addition, preoccupation with plastic surgery can lead to the fact that you will end up with an inexperienced master who will make a mistake. Therefore, it is important to check all information about specialists, take into account the risks and approach plastic surgery with extreme caution.

It’s hard for you to leave the house without makeup

Red lipstick, thickly painted or extended eyelashes, bright permanent eyebrow makeup: if all these beauty details adorn your face, you are probably trying to take care of yourself. However, if you most often prefer war paint to basic makeup, this may indicate that you are adversely affected by the desire to rejuvenate.

The fact is that some women in adulthood try to look younger by using more makeup. But they forget that a thick layer of foundation or highly pigmented shadows will only emphasize the imperfections of their skin and wrinkles.

In order to look impressive after 40 years, it is not at all necessary to rush to extremes. It is enough to understand how to create a neat and age-appropriate makeup. Read more about how it should be, we told here.

Age changes worry you a lot

Another problem that signals that the desire to rejuvenate is harming you is fixation on natural age-related changes. The alarm is worth beating if most of your attention is spent on seeing new wrinkles on the skin of the face and body, and you perceive each new sign of aging dramatically.

Sometimes this situation indicates the development of Dorian Gray syndrome. People affected by it cultivate youth and have a strong fear of aging. And if you do not start the fight against this syndrome in time, you can face serious psychological problems.

It is important for you to know how people around you evaluate your appearance.

Of course, every woman, regardless of age, wants to look attractive. But the desire to constantly hear compliments related to the fact that you look younger than your age may indicate that you are too obsessed with age.

Requests to evaluate your appearance, addressed to friends and others, can also be a sign of general self-doubt. Especially if their calm reaction to your appearance offends you.

Are you addicted to diets?

Most often, dependence on various diets for weight loss signals an eating disorder. But she also says that the desire to look young is detrimental to you.

It is worth thinking about the presence of a problem if all your attention is focused on nutrition. And usually, along with this problem, another develops – a distorted perception of one’s body and increased attention to fictitious shortcomings.

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