Myriam Abel follower of cosmetic surgery: her appearance in Nouvelle Star, 20 years old shocks viewers


M6 broadcast this Wednesday, February 15, 2023 the first anniversary bonus of the show New star which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. An evening to which Myriam Abel, the winner of season 3 of tele-hook, was invited…

Anniversary bonus

“The way Myriam Abel destroyed her face with surgery, she had such a sweet face… What a waste! », ” Horrible “, “We even recognize her more”, “Why did she do that? », “Christophe Willem succeeded in his surgery, unlike Myriam Abel”, “I hope someone told Myriam Abel that she got stung by a bee on her lips and was having an allergic reaction”these are the comments made by Internet users on Twitter this Wednesday evening, February 15, 2023.

And for good reason, M6 broadcast in the first part of the evening the first unpublished bonus celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show New star. A bonus during which Myriam Abel, winner of season 3 of tele-hook, appeared, completely transformed, with a smooth face and luscious lips.


A physical transformation that the main concerned approached a few days earlier on the set of the Jordan de Luxe show on C8. “For me, I haven’t done too much. I make injections, which are not irreversible, I do not go on an operating table and after a few months, it fades. (…) I like this ! (…) I assume to make injections to have good and to attenuate the small signs of old age “ she said.

A recourse to cosmetic surgery that the former winner of New star assumes completely, even if she admits to having already been hurt by criticism, in particular when she participated in the emission of reality tv angels. “They shot me (…) Afterwards, TV caricatures a bit. Suddenly, I received a lot of messages talking about that. ‘Myriam disfigured by surgery…’, when I don’t do that. People saw me on the street and told me it didn’t look the same.” she added.

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