Winter 2023 fashion trends – 10 pieces to shop!


The 2000s, animal prints, bright colors, boyish style and neo-bourgeois: zoom on the 10 ultra-stylish fall winter 2022-2023 trends that warm our hearts. Find out which trends to adopt, which pieces to buy and how to wear them in style! Decryption!

1- Back-to-school, New York schoolgirl style.

Do you like the looks from the Gossip-Girl series? Brought up to date during the Saint Laurent fashion show in 2022, it is the comeback in 2023 of the first class look. Fall winter 2022-2023 trends: the famous pleated micro skirt, cardigan, loafers and maxi socks. Totally inspired by the BCBG, neo-bourgeois style, we have fun with these ultra stylish pieces and we wear them without moderation!

2- Bright and luminous colors, for a more joyful daily life.

This season, bright colors are a must! Whether it’s burnt orange, fuchsia pink, purple, chick yellow or pastel colors, wear them without hesitation for a more colorful and joyful daily life. Treat yourself and play with colors to create a wahouuuu look. Adopt color on your coats, your jackets, your sweaters or your handbags. This will bring an ultra luminous and positive touch to your everyday looks. To find out what color to wear to look good this winter, discover our article on colorimetry. This will help you choose the colors that best highlight your complexion and will allow you to shine brightly, all season long!

3- Animal prints, for fierce outfits

This winter, we’re getting our claws out! And we play the craziest mix and match. Zebra, leopard, cowhide, or even python, we adopt the print on all the pieces of our outfit. Whether on your oversized coat, your wool sweater, your long skirt, or your handbag, this is the print to adopt in your wardrobe without hesitation.

4- The faux fur coat, colored or printed, please!

On the coat side, we love faux fur. An essential piece of fall winter 2022-2023 fashion, it can be found in all colors and in all prints. Definitely imposing, faux fur is the piece that will give you style this winter. Wear it all week to twist your look in the blink of an eye. Leopard, Pink Fuschia, chick yellow, bottle green or striped, we have fun and we dare. Long live the color!

5- The return of the 2000s #freeBritney

This year, the trends of the 2000s are making a big comeback! Low-rise jeans, the colorful micro-bag, the total denim look, the white tank top, the mini-skirt or even square glasses, we have fun wearing these ultra-trendy pieces.

6- The XXL and oversize look, for maximum style.

The fashion for oversized clothing has been very trendy in recent seasons and it is not about to stop! XXL blazers, trouser suits, maxi sweaters, baggy jeans… Treat yourself and dare to think outside the box. Play with prints, colors and materials to create original and daring combinations.

7- Colourful, comforting and feminine knitwear

Colourful, warm and 100% comfy, it’s the must-have piece for winter 2023. For a casual and trendy look, wear its colorful knit with jeans and sneakers. For a more feminine look, pair it with a pretty long dress.

8- Square-heeled boots, back to the 70s.

Boots and ankle boots in smooth leather, with platforms, are an essential trend for this winter 2023. Inspired by the 70s, these iconic shoes, with square heels, will bring a stylish and vintage touch to your looks. Whether high-heeled or flat, this is the style of boots to adopt this winter 2023. Zoom on 2023 shoe trends!

9- The men’s waistcoat, an ultra sharp detail

This season, it’s the comeback of the androgynous style! And the flagship piece of the season is the sleeveless vest, imported directly from the men’s department. If you are looking for a sharp and trendy look, this sleeveless vest is ideal for you.

10- The Disco style, to radiate and shine with a thousand lights!

Strass, sequins and glitter, the DISCO years are back for our greatest pleasure! Without moderation, wear them on your jeans, shoes, dresses, in total-look or handbags, ideal to brighten up your winter looks. The perfect combo? Pair a very soft wool sweater with a mid-length skirt or long dress with silver sequins. The ideal mix and match of materials to wear sequins on a daily basis.

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